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Welcome to Prosperity Aussies

    We have moved and are located just down the road from my previous location. I got married last year and now my husband Randy is a proud Aussie owner too. We are located in the beautiful northwest 
Florida panhandle on a 10 acre mini farm. We have several wonderful Australian Shepherds.   I have owned and raised Australian Shepherds for the last 20 years and got my first pups when my parents were breeding Limousine cattle. Our first pups taught me so much about herding cattle and what Aussies can do. Those  pups have gone now but their memory lives on. Our family has been in love with the Aussie breed ever since. We have several wonderful Australian Shepherds that live with us now.

Australian Shepherds love to be with their people whether inside or out. They need a fenced in area when outdoors unless they are supervised. They have a strong herding instinct and will herd cattle, horses, chickens or children. Aussies can also smile a big toothy grin but to someone unfamiliar with "grinning" this can be a little unnerving. Aussies are loving, loyal and very protective of "their people" and once you experience this, I'm sure you will love them as much as we do.

We began breeding registered Australian Shepherds so others might have the opportunity to be "owned" by their own Aussie. All breedings will occur after we carefully study pedigrees and evaluate our dogs to ensure the best puppies are produced from these matings. Our dogs conform to the AKC/ASCA breed standards and we strive to produce quality pets foremost. Our dogs have excellent temperament and we believe our puppies can excel in any discipline that you might wish to become involved in.

Our dogs are primarily pets but we have puppies from time to time. They are handled daily from birth and are exposed to people, other dogs, horses, and chickens on the farm.  Take a look around our site and I  hope you find something you like. Our web site is under construction so please be patient while we get it worked out. Feel free to contact me at 850-956-2332 home  or 850-638-6454 cell. I can also be emailed at or texted . Our new address is
2163 Horse Barn Road
Westville, Fla 32464
Call for directions, we're just off I10.


Judy Brown Beck

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